Our  Earthship
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Updated 4/4/09
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Our Earthship Index
Earthship Basics:
An Earthship is a structure that is self-sufficient.  It is a building that provides it's own heat, cooling,
water, electricity and sewage treatment.  In addition it is built with reused or otherwise
environmentally sensitive materials, that are relatively cheap, readily available, and easy to use. Used
automobile tires meet all of these criteria and make the basic building block for an Earthship.

It may sound crazy to build a house out of tires; but it's not as crazy as it may seem.  Besides, the
tires are just the beginning...
Our Story:
We set out to build one of these amazing structures and would like to share our experiences
with you. It has been an incredible journey...

To follow along with our jouney into self-susstainability, click below.
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